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Darren “Iceburg” Burgfeld

Darren Iceburg Burgfeld

I grew up on a farm in Jackson, but have now lived in Downtown Cape longer than I lived in Jackson, so I’m okay with my kids being Tigers (I even take a little pride in it). I started in radio while I was still in high school, and then as life happened, took a break for twenty years while I did other things to pay the bills. What kind of other things? Graphic designer, reporter, tour manager, cable disconnector, copywriter, web designer, counselor, cook and various sales gigs. Lots of fun; nothing as cool as radio, though.

My musical tastes vary as much as the colors in my beard. I have a long friendship with the boys in Nothing More, so they’re definitely on top of my rock playlist. I dig a lot of the more melodic rock than anything. Depending on the day and what I’m doing, my playlist changes. Some personal favorites are The Urge, 311, SouthFM, Sublime, A Perfect Circle, Dirty Heads, Tool, Goldfinger, Soulive, Vulfpeck, Amon Amarth and a bunch of others. The list is long and varied.

I’m married to the most patient woman on Earth, Carrie, who blessed me with two ultra-rad kids, Layla and Lawson. We like to hike and explore cool spots in our area, so if you have a favorite, let me know! My family still has a farm, where we raise beef cattle (yep; it’s what’s for dinner). I’m an online gamer (PC master race) and am working on a new computer build to extend my geekdom.

Outside of radio work, I run the Humans of Cape website and social media, and also play music around town in my bands, Tone Def All-Stars and Shades of Soul. I love to volunteer, and you’ll find me involved with several area organizations, including Rotary, where our motto is, “Service Above Self.” I encourage everyone to get involved in at least one thing that makes your heart happy. You’ll find that pretty soon, you just want to do more!

Overall, I love music, I love people and I encourage positivity at every chance I get. Thanks for tuning in!

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